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UBER is a dynamic company. The company occupies a leading position in the market among taxi companies, The company is absolutely transparent, you can control all processes in your personal account. Bonus system. In addition to the work performed on orders, the company accrues peak time bonuses.

We are one of the partners and have established ourselves as one of the best teams in the city of Kharkov. Our drivers earn between 800$ and 1200$ a month.

8 reasons to start working with us
No cash, payment is automatic. The cost of the trip is paid by the passenger from the linked bank card, those. there are no risks associated with the carriage of cash as for the passenger, and for the driver, you do not need to look for small money for exchange.
Commission 8% + BONUSES. We have a minimum commission and we pay bonuses for each trip, some of our competitors keep bonuses for themselves. We work honestly and drivers earn more with us!
High income with guaranteed payments. We pay wages to the driver's personal bank card! You do not need to register LLC, IP, pay taxes, file a declaration, pay for accounting services and maintaining a bank account.
Work at a convenient time, no schedules. You just press the button to get on the line to start working, when you decide to finish, press to get off the line. You can work- only wake up in the morning, in the evening, on weekends or holidays!
Comfortable, transparent and easy connection. We connect remotely and for free, You don't need to come to us! You send us copies of documents, we register you and send you connection data, in 1-2 days you can start working!
Always a large number of orders. The application shows where there are currently the most orders and where higher rates apply. You will not have downtime and idle runs. Our passengers are always pleasant and absolutely non-conflict people, which are nice to carry.
24/7 support. Uber has 24/7 driver support via email. If something is not clear, You can always ask a question via On-line consultation.
Without checkers and stickers. You don't need to change color install "checkers" on the car and paste it with stickers.

uber mobile app

Place an order, make a trip and pay for it using your mobile phone
one touch checkout
reliable supply
transparent prices
cashless payment
share the cost of the trip
Choice is great!
Order a car that suits your style and budget
Cars for every day. Better, faster and cheaper than a taxi
conditions and requirements
CONDITIONS: with your own car:
  • We connect to the UBER system at 10%.
  • No 0% fees!
  • We can connect remotely without coming to the office
  • IP is not required
  • Orders are distributed without taking into account the rating of the nearest drivers
  • Work only by bank transfer
  • We transfer money to the driver's card or in cash in the office
Daily earnings are 70$ - 120$ + bonus 30$
CONDITIONS: on company cars:
  • We provide a car without a deposit
  • No daily rent payments
  • Wednesday Friday and Saturday work for the company the rest of the days you work for yourself
  • Having a car without ads
  • The car must not be yellow and not with yellow numbers
  • Vehicle not older than 3 years
  • Driving experience of at least 3 years
  • Device on Android 4.0 and above (Samsung)
  • Driver licence 2 sides
  • Passport
  • STS
  • License
  • Number phone
  • Card number for transferring money (indicate in the letter)!
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